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Briefing from the Frontline: Ukrainian defenders from the legendary Da Vinci Battalion highlight the potential of Ukrainian defense expertise and Danish innovation synergy

Copenhagen, Denmark — Ukraine House in Denmark, in collaboration with YMCA’s Soldier Mission to Denmark and KOLO Nordic, was privileged to host an encounter with Ukrainian defenders from the esteemed Da Vinci Wolves Battalion. This event highlighted the strong potential for a fortified partnership between Ukraine and Denmark, especially in the areas of defense and innovation.

"Ukraine House is the home of Ukrainian culture that is under attack but all Ukrainian artists whom we have welcomed in our first year of operations are donating and supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Since inception, we have welcomed the Ukrainian author and soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Mykhed, we have read the poems of the Ukrainian poet and soldier Artur Dron', we have griefed over the death on the battlefield of another brilliant Ukrainian poet and soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine — Maksym Kryvtsov. It is an honor to welcome for a discussion and meeting with the Danish donors for Da Vinci Battalion defenders who are defending our ability to Ukrainian on the battlefield right now," said Nataliia Popovych, chairperson of Ukraine House in Denmark welcoming the guests.

The Ukrainian delegation included Andriy Pysarenko, Oleksandr Yabchanka, and Oleksi Makhrynsky, who have all recently participated in an arms exhibition in Fredericia. They shared valuable insights on the evolving landscape of the Ukrainian-Danish collaboration, discussing strategic approaches for advancing military effectiveness under the current challenging conditions on the battlefield. A notable contribution came from Anders Puck Nielsen, a leading Danish military analyst, who provided an encouraging analysis of the implications of a newly approved US aid package destined for Ukraine.

Key points raised during the discussion:

  • The Ukrainian Army maintains a resolute commitment to their victory, viewing it as the only acceptable outcome over Russian aggression.

  • The defenders emphasized the high value placed on each soldier’s life within the Ukrainian Armed Forces, contrasting sharply with the disregard shown by Russian forces towards their casualties.

  • There was a consensus on the need for enhanced recruitment, demobilization, and rehabilitation pathways to sustain and strengthen the military force in Ukraine.

  • The integration of advanced Danish anti-drone technologies and other innovative solutions was identified as crucial to overcoming the enemy and safeguarding NATO borders.

The defenders’ personal stories were particularly stirring. Before their military service, Andriy Pysarenko was a distinguished lawyer and human rights advocate, Oleksandr Yabchanka a pediatrician and healthcare reformer, and Oleksi Makhrynsky a construction developer and accomplished sportsman. Their decision to join the military was driven by a profound duty to defend their homeland and uphold democratic values.

The event also served as an opportunity to recognize the collaborative efforts of various organizations and individuals in supporting the Da Vinci Wolves Battalion and the broader Ukrainian cause, in particular — YMCA’s Soldier Mission to Denmark and KOLO Nordic.


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