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Panel discussion: Shelter the Body, Nurture the Soul

Ukraine House in Denmark invites you to the panel discussion "Shelter the Body, Nurture the Soul" as a part of the opening the “Spaces of Dignity” exhibition during the Copenhagen Architecture Festival. It will take place at Gammel Dok, Strandgade 27B on June 1st at 16:30. During the discussion leading Ukrainian architects and urbanists will present their current projects and their perspective on the creation of a dignified, human-scaled and nurturing environment in postwar Ukrainian cities and villages in a dialogue with their Danish counterparts.

The term “healing architecture” is usually applied to the planning and construction of healthcare facilities. Ukraine’s future rebuilding will bring the importance of the healing and nurturing abilities of architecture to a completely different level. Huge sacrifices that Ukrainians have to make every day and enormous trauma caused by the brutality of war call for a completely new approach to rebuilding. This encompasses not just restoring the lost housing stock and building necessary infrastructure and public spaces, but creating an environment that nourishes human dignity, fosters equality, provides safety and promotes healthy life.


Oleksandra Naryzhna, architect and urbanist, NGO Urban Reform, Ukraine

Simon Prahm, co-founder and CEO, GAME, Denmark

Borys Dorogov, co-founder and managing partner, balbek bureau, Ukraine

Anastasia Ponomaryova, urbanist, Urban Curators and MetaLab, Ukraine

Karsten Pålsson, urbanist, author “Humane Cities” and “Urban Block Cities”, Denmark

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