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Holodomor – 90: impact on Ukraine and the future of justice

On November 25 at 16:00, we invite you to the commemorative event “Holodomor – 90: impact on Ukraine and the future of justice” at Ukraine House in Denmark.
Please join us in lighting candles to commemorate 90 years since the Holodomor, one of the darkest chapters in our nation's history.

Holodomor, also known as the Great Famine of 1932-33, was a man-made famine orchestrated by the Soviet authorities under the orders of Joseph Stalin which killed an estimated 3-7 million Ukrainians by criminalizing food ownership, making emigration impossible and increasing food exports under strict collectivisation policies as villages starved. In lighting our candles, we will be standing in solidarity with millions of Ukrainians at home and around the world who light candles every year on the fourth Saturday of November at 16:00 to honour the innocent victims of genocide.

A renowned historian and law expert, Dr. Ivan Horodyskyy, founding director of the Law School of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Vice-President of the Ukrainian Bar Association, researcher and author of the book on Rafael Lemkin, will join us from Ukraine to discuss the context and impact of this Soviet crime upon the Ukrainian culture, as well as offer a perspective on the learnings we should be drawing from Holodomor.

The event will be launched by the Ambassador of Ukraine with the participation of the Danish dignitaries, representatives of different faith-based organizations and community leaders, united in a service of remembrance. It will be a time to reflect, through prayer and dialogue, on the profound lessons of the past and acknowledge the evils of the past to prevent it from happening again in our time. Ukrainian bread, the biggest deficit during Holodomor, as well as Ukrainian wine will be served.

For press inquiries, please contact Maya Zakhovaiko


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