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Ukrainian brand GUNIA Project participates in the 3DaysofDesign festival

Ukraine House in Denmark in partnership with a multidisciplinary studio TABLEAU introduced the Ukrainian brand GUNIA project to the Scandinavian audiences in the framework of the 3DaysofDesign festival in Copenhagen.

“I see it as an important mission of the Ukraine House in Denmark to foster creative collaborations among the Ukrainian and Danish brands. Hence, I am delighted that through the partnership with TABLEAU we were able to participate in 3DaysofDesign and introduce GUNIA Project to the international buyers, media and consumers. GUNIA’s story is a truly inspiring one - it is a story about a women-led business of exceptional things incorporating Ukrainian ethnic motives and countering all challenges of being a business throughout war. It has so much to offer to all those learning about Ukrainian design,” says Nataliia Popovych, chairperson of Ukraine House in Denmark.

Photo by Michael Regard

GUNIA Project is a brand of exceptional things produced on the basis of traditional ethnic cultures. Each collection is a unique combination of design thinking, deep ethnographic research and artistic approach towards craftsmanship.

“GUNIA Project is delighted and proud to participate in 3DaysofDesign, primarily to showcase and unveil the exceptional Ukrainian culture to the world. Despite the ongoing war, we embrace this challenge every day, working towards creating new products for the sake of victory,”

comments Oleksandr Pakhomov, B2B manager at GUNIA Project.

During the 3DaysofDesign festival visitors could enjoy GUNIA’s porcelain plates and sculptures at TABLEAU studio which is based in Central Copenhagen.

"I am really proud of the collaboration. I have been working with table settings, florals and set designs for almost two decades and ceramics are a big part of the process of creating a beautiful table setting. Tableau wants to take part in the process of bringing Ukrainian legacy and cultural history such as craftsmanship on the world map," says Julius Værnes Iversen, founder and creative director of TABLEAU Copenhagen.

After 3DaysofDesign you can find GUNIA's products at the giftshop of Ukraine House in Denmark at Gammel Dok, Strandgade 27B in the heart of Christianshavn.

The festival 3DaysofDesign provides a platform for both emerging and established design brands from Denmark and abroad to share their talent. It takes place in the showrooms, shops, streets, workshops and backyards of Copenhagen, as the host for a growing community of design lovers getting together to celebrate creativity.

In 2023, over 290 exhibitors welcome guests into their spaces to discover new and beloved collections of furniture, lighting, accessories and materials.


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