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Ukraine House in Denmark brings architecture back to the iconic Gammel Dok

Ukraine House in Denmark opened an architecture exhibition “SPACES OF DIGNITY: HOW ARCHITECTURE HEALS THE WOUNDS OF WAR” curated by art critic and cultural manager Katya Stukalova It is a part of Copenhagen Architecture Festival.

“Spaces of Dignity” aims to amplify the Ukrainian voices, highlight their experiences and inspire new creative solutions to the many challenges the reconstruction of Ukraine faces today.

Katya Stukalova, curator

“This exhibition is about architecture, but not just about the architecture of residential buildings and public spaces, cities and villages; most importantly, it is about the architecture of society. A society that is saturated with horizontal connections between people, organizations, and initiatives. A society that is constantly building new connections - between different generations, different social levels, different experiences. Rebuilding Ukraine will not be an easy task - the level of damage and trauma brought upon our land, our heritage, our infrastructure and our demography is devastating. But the rebuilding on a symbolic level - reconstruction of the damaged social fabric and creation of a new one - has already begun”,

Katya Stukalova explained.

When Ukrainians think about architecture today – they think on how to protect the architectural treasures they have, admitted Nataliya Popovych, the chairperson of Ukraine House in Denmark.

“At the same time, we treasure every single simple civilian building because this is where people have led lives that have been brutally disrupted by the Russian aggressions. And we think on how architectural solutions right now and in the future can help address the needs of over 8 million Ukrainians who have fled the war to other countries as well as another 15 millions of Ukrainians who have become internally displaced people”, Nataliia Popovych said.

Exhibition will run until August 10th.

Opening hours from 12:00 till 18:00 every day except Monday.

Photos by Farid Seifulin.


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