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Ukraine House became the Associated Member of EUNIC Denmark

Ukraine House in Denmark became the Associated Member of European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) Denmark. EUNIC has members in every EU country and over 133 “Clusters” worldwide. The organization believes in the power of culture to build trust and understanding between countries.

Nataliya Popovych, chairperson of Ukraine House in Denmark believes that there are many areas where Ukraine House and EUNIC Denmark can combine their knowledge and efforts. For example, in remapping the culture and country studies, decolonization of heritage, both of its preservation and of research in the academic arena.

“How is it possible that genocidal war can be happening in the heart of Europe in the 21st century? What have we overlooked in the cultural arena that has made it possible for crimes against humanity to persist for over 500 days of brutal aggression by Russia against Ukraine and the free world? None of these questions today either Ukrainian or any nation can address on its own and all the answers come down to culture and intercultural dialogue. I very much look forward to working with leaders of the national culture institutes in Denmark as part of EUNIC Denmark so that we as Ukraine House in Denmark can contribute to solutions of today’s significant challenges,”

Nataliia Popovych said.

From left to right: Andrew Manning is the Director of EUNIC, Camilla Mordhorst, CEO of Danish Culture Institute, Nataliia Popovych, chairperson of Ukraine House in Denmark.


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