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The last guided tour of the architecture exhibition: "SPACES OF DIGNITY"

Ukraine House in Denmark invites you to the last public Guided Tour of the architecture exhibition "SPACES OF DIGNITY: HOW ARCHITECTURE HEALS THE WOUNDS OF WAR”. It is curated by Katya Stukalova, art critic and cultural manager.
The Guided Tour will take place on Saturday, August 5th at 14:00.

“Spaces of Dignity” aims to amplify the Ukrainian voices, highlight their experiences and inspire new creative solutions to the many challenges the reconstruction of Ukraine faces today.

Katya Stukalova, curator of the exhibition "Spaces of Dignity"

The exhibition will run until August 10th.

Current opening hours are: Tuesday - Sunday, 12:00 - 18:00.

Entrance fee is 75 DKK.

Free entrance for media professionals, children 6-16 and Ukrainian displaced persons.

All proceeds from tickets go to support the programs of Ukraine House of Denmark (MobilPay 311511) and its team of volunteers, including research, curation and integration of the Ukrainian content into leading Danish cultural platforms, bringing of the Ukrainian artists and influencers to participate in the Ukrainian-Danish dialogues and research projects.

Thanks in advance for your support of Ukrainian culture!

We look forward to welcoming you in the home of Ukrainian Culture at Gammel Dok, Strandgade 27B.


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