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Rebuild Mykolaiv: presentation from the city team at Ukraine House in Denmark

Ukraine House in Denmark is hosting a presentation from the Mykolaiv city team. The participants will introduce their vision of future rebuilding together with Denmark.
The event will take place at Gammel Dok, Strandgade 27B, Copenhagen, on July 3rd, at 17:30.

“Our interest as Ukraine House in Denmark is to ensure that Ukrainian cities are rebuilt with the Danish and Scandinavian urban planning and cultural best practices in mind, ensuring that person’s dignity is at the heart of every town, that city inhabitants have equal opportunity to clean air and waterways, decent public infrastructure, education and health, and that the future city plans envision future culture - from healthy habits of cycling to responsible citizenship, access to libraries, theaters, culture centers which inevitably will compel people to choose some cities over others. We look forward to the presentation of the city plans of Mykolaiv, preselected for regeneration by Denmark, and would love to contribute to the exchange of ideas that will make Mykolaiv better for all,” explains Nataliia Popovych, Chairperson of Ukraine House in Denmark.

During the presentation Dmytro Falko, Secretary of Mykolaiv City Council, will inform about the current situation in Mykolaiv, the damage the city suffered during the full-scale invasion of russia and plans for the post-war reconstruction.

The participants will discuss the master plan for the city as a pilot project within the framework of the UN4Ukrainian cities initiative. Among other partners there will be a collaboration with the Danish company COWI.

“Mykolaiv is one of the pilot cities selected by UNECE in order to develop a master plan for city recovery under the UN4Mykolaiv Initiative. Collaboration with OneWorks , COWI and UNECE is very important for our city as we have a unique opportunity to recover Mykolaiv using best world practices in urban and economic planning. We believe that we have the chance to build back better together,” says Dmytro Falko.


Dmytro Falko, Secretary of Mykolaiv City Council

Ana Paez, urban planner of the UN4Mykolaiv project

Yuliia Astremska, diplomatic representative of the Mykolaiv City Council

Tetiana Shulichenko, Head of Economic Development Department of Mykolaiv City Council

During the event Ruben Mikkelsen from Azenzus Vision will present the Rebuild Ukraine project and their work on analyzing, verifying and assessing war damages together with the Kyiv School of Economics.

Free entrance free for media professionals and Ukrainian displaced persons.

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