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Shchedryk Children's Choir performs at a concert in Copenhagen

On August 24, 2022, Shchedryk Children's Choir from Kyiv performed at a concert in the Danish capital on the occasion of the Ukrainian Independence Day.

The Ukraine House in Denmark was honoured to organise the choir’s performance at Copenhagen’s Sankt Ansgars Kirke. Thanks to the Zetland newspaper’s invitation, the Schedryk Choir marked its first-ever visit to Denmark with a 50-minute concert in honour of Ukraine’s Independence Day.

Among the guests of the event were the ambassadors of Ukraine’s partner countries, present alongside the representatives of the Copenhagen City Council, a number of reputable NGOs and cultural institutions. The event was a great success and the choir’s performance was met with a standing ovation.

“The talent and skill of the Ukrainian musicians were greeted with applause. The history of the choir, a winner of numerous international competitions, best reflects the belonging of Ukraine to the European choral culture,” stated Nataliya Popovych, the co-founder of Ukraine House in Denmark.

The organization of the event made it possible to raise €1000 in donations, which were transferred to the Shchedryk Choir after their performance.

Shchedryk Children’s Choir is one of Ukraine’s most recognised Ukrainian musical musical ensembles. The choir was founded in 1971 in Kyiv by the master of choral art Iryna Sablina. Shchedryk Children’s Choir is the oldest-running professional children's choir in Kyiv.


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