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DOM publishers introduced Histories of Ukrainian Architecture at Ukraine House in Denmark

Ukraine House in Denmark and DOM publishers introduced Histories of Ukrainian Architecture – a series of full-color textbooks with richly illustrated topics on architecture, urban design, planning methods, and portraits of architects from the past 100 years.
This project is DOM publishers’ Response to the War of Aggression and an opportunity to give Ukrainian authors a louder voice outside their homeland, to increase knowledge about architectural history, and to strengthen Ukraine’s sovereignty.

“As an organization dedicated to foster intercultural exchange and bring Ukraine’s points of view to the international audience, we are happy to co-introduce the new important titles of Dom publishers within the summer of architecture at Ukraine House in Denmark. We hope that equipped with new knowledge, the experts will help find answers to the critical questions such as can architecture heal the wounds of war or what urban planning concepts will be most suitable for successful recovery and lasting peace,” Nataliia Popovych, chairperson of Ukraine House in Denmark said during the presentation.

DOM publishers’ brought to Ukraine House in Denmark 6 titles both in English and Ukrainian languages. Our visitors can buy these books at our gift shop.

  • “Urban coalition for Ukraine Strategies and Proposals”. Lilet Breddels with Tetyana Oliynyk and Fulco Treffers

  • “A Vision for Mariupol The Easternmost Gateway of Europe”. Fulco Treffers, Mykyta Biriukov, Nathan Hutson, Dmytro Gurin, Nataliya Kozub, Alice Alexandrova, Mykola Tryfonov, Nataliya Shulga.

  • “The city as a Political Pawn Urban Identities in Chişinău, Černivci, Lviv and Wrocław”. Edited by Bo Larsson.

  • “Architectural Guide Kyiv. 100 Iconic Buildings since 1925”. Semen Shyrochyn

  • “Європейський шлях відбудови міст. Том 1. Гуманні міста – практичний посібник”. Карстен Полссон. Переклад Людмили Швець

  • “Європейський шлях відбудови міст. Том 2. Квартальні міста – практичний посібник”. Карстен Полссон. Переклад Людмили Швець та Ганни Шостак.

Philipp Meuser, Architect and Publisher of DOM publishers

“Publishing a book series on the architectural identity of Ukraine is a political decision in times of war. We need to defeat the front lines in our minds and sharpen our focus on alternative narratives. Our publishing program is called “Histories of Ukrainian Architecture”. Today we have the first five books from the series which is dedicated to history and theory of architecture,” Philipp Meuser, Architect and Publisher of DOM publishers explained.

Philipp Meuser emphasized that these books are not only about architecture, they are also about history, personal stories because each building and a street has something to tell about the earlier urban life.

However Europe can't tell the Ukrainians how to rebuild the country but the discussion and exchanging the experience could be very useful.

Prof. Liudmyla Shevts worked as an interpreter of two of the launched books – How to Design Humane Cities and Urban Block Cities by Karsten Pålsson.

In her opinion, the books will be very useful for future rebuilding processes in Ukraine after the war with russia is over.

“These books are needed for architects and other professionals, for young readers, cities’ management and so on. In the books you find really practical tips. For example, how to rebuild old city cores, and how to transform ideas to individual space that we have”, Liudmyla Shevts explained.

Among the guests were also Prof. Dr. Bo Larsson, architect and associate professor, Lund University, Dr. Nataliia Mysak, architect and researcher, ETH Zürich/Lviv, Karsten Pålsson, architect, Pålsson Urbanism, Copenhagen, Dr. Marjo van Schaik, researcher and lecturer, Amsterdam/Lviv.

Based in Berlin, “DOM publishers” is an award-winning independent publisher specializing in architecture. Since their foundation in 2005, the brand has focused on architecture and urban design in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Republics. Before 24 February 2022, close contacts with authors in Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, and elsewhere in this post-socialist context helped to promote and cultivate academic exchange despite the increasingly difficult conditions.

Partners of the project: Ro3kvit. Urban Coalition for Ukraine and OSNOVY Publishing, Kyiv.

Photos by Farid Seifulin


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